alphagamma® technology: 18.000 hours of operating experience

Jun 25, 2020

After two and a half years of operating experience, including extreme stress tests in the field, we may draw a very positive balance: alphagamma® technology is indeed the key to maintenance-free combustion engines. Maintenance-free, at least regarding to the kinematics of the machine and based on a given period. This allows an economical meaningful replacement of the whole unit after its lifetime due to the omission of permanent maintenance and service work. We use the further research work to adapt the service life of the burner device to the one of the kinematics, where the fact of varying and partially problematic ingredients of the biogenic fuels makes it considerably challenging. There is no doubt that this is not just a question of materials, but also of an intelligent adaptation of the burner design. We use this step for a fine tuning on other issues of the 7.5 kW alphagamma® performance class as preparation for market entry.