First external testing completed successfully

Aug 20, 2019

The Reinhalteverband Schärding/Inn kindly provided us a sewage gas connection and we were able to set up our mobile Stirling CHP right next to the company building for a test period of 4 weeks. The main goal of the trial was to determine the behaviour of the burner, the heat exchanger and the air preheater in combination with original sewage gas. Another focus was the determination of exhaust emissions under the same conditions. Our research partner BIOENERGY 2020+ executed the measurements; the results can be seen in the enclosed protocol.
For Frauscher Motors’ team, the failure-free continuous operation of the CHP plant was a pleasing confirmation of the performance of the alphagamma® G600i machine, which was already foreseeable on the company’s internal test benches.

Protocol Bioenergy 2020+ Download (Document N101340_Klärgasversuche_20190723.pdf)