MobilGen™ G70: our contribution to road safety

Oct 27, 2021

The development of our auxiliary power unit MobilGen™ G70 is progressing rapidly. Especially during the summer months, professional drivers suffer enormous stress. Therefore the Frauscher Motors team is highly motivated to be able to present a unit that is close to the market as soon as possible.

Indeed, the call for a convenient interior air condition in the driver’s cab during the breaks is getting louder. This is not only expressed in various social media posts by the drivers. The Dutch MEP Vera Tax together with trade unions are also working to ensure that all trucks in the EU will be equipped with parking coolers in the future.

A hot driver’s cab means a serious risk to road safety: According to a study by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), the number of accidents increases by 22 percent at an air temperature of 32°C in the vehicle.

In Spain and Italy, parking coolers therefore are already mandatory. If a truck is parked in the blazing sun, the temperature in the cabin can reach 50°C after just a few minutes. A relaxing break is out of the question. Many drivers start the main engine, including the air conditioning, with all the consequences of noise, exhaust gases, waste of energy and pollution.

However, the debates on social media show that the parking coolers powered by the on-board batteries often switch off after a relatively short period of time in order to have enough capacity to start the diesel engine. In addition, some drivers doubt the effectiveness of the for economical energy consumption optimized cooling devices at ambient temperatures above 30°C.

This is exactly where the MobilGen™ G70 comes in: The quiet and low-vibration unit is able to continuously supply the vehicle’s 24-volt electrical system with up to 40 amps. Since parking coolers consume around 20-25 amps, there is still enough energy left, for example to operate the cooling box, computer, television and coffee machine, and at the same time to keep the starter batteries charged.

As an endurance runner, the MobilGen™ G70 provides enough energy to make sure the driver can have a bearable and comfortable waiting time, even over the weekend or on public holidays and, above all, to create the conditions for a restful sleep.

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Header picture: Erwin Berghammer