Experimental Edition Set: also available in 48-volt technology!

Apr 11, 2024

In response to requests from numerous micro CHP enthusiasts, we have decided to make the successful Stirling Experimental Edition Set compatible with 48-volt systems. This paves the way for marketable energy solutions in the field of grid independence, backup and stand-alone systems. The picture shows an example of the genset with the new water-cooled turbo blower. It is able to convey the thermal energy from boilers or other combustion devices, for example, to the heating head of the Stirling genset and return it when it has cooled down a little. Heating gas temperatures between 1000 and 1100 degrees C at a volume flow of around 140 m³/h have proven to be effective. Under these conditions, the Stirling generator delivers up to 1150 watts, which corresponds to a charging current of around 20 amps to the 48-volt system. This already takes into account the consumption for the turbo blower.

“With the blower solution, we meet several requirements at the same time. Firstly, the unit can be switched on or off independently of the heating system, depending on the priority of electrical or thermal energy requirements. The high blower output also allows the flue gas to be cleaned of ash residues before it flows through the heat exchanger of the Stirling engine. The adjustable speed also makes it possible to adapt the heat flow to a changing temperature supply from the heating system,” says Josef Frauscher, Managing Director of the company.

The unit is connected to an electrical control system, which consists of several displays for the operating parameters, a start/stop device and the speed control of the turbo blower. The equipment can be selected flexibly: For initial test applications, it can be advantageous if the cooling circuit is integrated in the unit (as shown in the picture). For continuous use, the cooling capacity of approx. 3 kW can be integrated into the return flow of a heating system.

“We are aiming for a maintenance-free service life of 10,000 hours for the lube oil-free unit. We have already exceeded 7,000 hours,” Josef Frauscher is pleased to say and continues: “This means a new level of reliability in the field of micro CHP technology, which we are pleased to present.

Image: frauscher motors