Lean gas CHP

FFG-Project “Ready-to-connect hazardous gas” CHP

Term 2016–2020

The aim of this research project was to develop a suitable burner for the disposal of methane-containing lean and hazardous gases based on the engines developed up to that point . The focus was on the lowest possible level of pollutant oxidation of gases without complex after-treatment of exhaust gases.

In the course of the project execution, the idea came up to implement the process later known as “alphagamma® technology”. Along with a new nozzle-mixing burner, we successfully commissioned the first engines on the test bench at the beginning of 2018.

The project results represent a new state-of-the-art in the energetic use of lean gases:

  • Overall electrical efficiency Hu terminal: 31% with natural gas operation
  • The cleanest exhaust gases well below the applicable limit values
  • No post-treatment of exhaust required
  • Formaldehyde and methane slip below the detection limit
  • Suitable for extreme lean gas from 14% methane content
  • Tested with natural gas, sewage gas, agricultural biogas, landfill gas, synthetic lean gas
  • Dry run: no oil change required
  • Patent application for the stepped piston (alphagamma® process) and the nozzle mixing matrix burner

Test documents compiled by Best Bioenergy/Wieselburg:


frauscher_trailer_Stirlingmotor BHKW
Stirling engine CHP on the mobile exhibition vehicle