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Josef Frauscher

“In contrast to the material world,

the knowledge potential emerging

from Research & Development

knows no end”

Josef Frauscher

This guiding principle of our company’s founder Josef Frauscher highlights the fact that technological research is unceasingly on course to push the boundaries of knowledge. The challenge that the Stirling technology poses is also aimed at a large number of specialized areas, which for us would mean stepping into uncharted territory. The end result is more than 20 years of engine research that became the basis for a sustainable implementation of our visions.
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In the course of engine research and development, we were able to take advantage of a range of support from public funds. In addition to decisive help for the construction and equipment of our research centre, it is particularly the thematic programs of several sponsors that made a significant contribution to our success. In representation of this, we would like to invite you to take a closer look at the results of two extremely successful projects: the lean gas CHP and the biomass gasifier burner.

Click on “Prototypes” to get an impression of our research work in the course of prototype development in the period from 2006 to 2017.

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New Stirling engine technology

For many years, we focused on improving engines based on the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma principles, achieved only limited success. The main reason for this was the high piston forces in conjunction with lubrication oil-free operation. In the course of solving the problem, the idea arose of reducing the piston forces with the aid of a stepped piston. This resulted in a combination of the alpha process with the gamma process, which is why we chose the term “alphagamma®” process The significant improvements compared to the previous state of the art are not only theoretically demonstrable through thermodynamic calculations but have also been revealed in practical applications after more than 100,000 hours of operational experience.

The novelty of the method has been confirmed by the following patent offices:

  • European Unitary Patent EP3622167
  • German Patent No. 10 2017 109967
  • United States Patent US11,725,607
  • Japan 2020-513399 (Decision to Grant)
  • Registration in other countries


In the course of years of research, we learned how to solve complex requirements in the simplest possible way. Reduced to five moving parts, based on alphagamma® technology, we were able to create a motor concept with an integrated generator with properties that enable new energy-related applications. The following two-engine modules form the core of our product range:

Stirling module Gen70 by frauscher motors

Stirling module Gen70

1.5 kW shaft power, 1.2 kW electrical: Basic module for liquid or gaseous fuels or for external heat supply, for example, for 24/48V battery charging, heating, air conditioning and stand-alone solutions.

Gen500 Frauscher Motors Stirling

Stirling module Gen500

8.3 kW shaft power, 7.5 kW electrical: Grid-connected asynchronous generator 3×400V, prepared for external heat supply or for burner equipment for most combustible gases.


New branding – new company name

New branding – new company name

What we pursue as the dominant strategy in the development of our stirling-engines should be reflected in our public appearance: a clear objective of the properties and reduction to the essentials. These were the reasons why we decided to gradually revise our external...

Start of an exciting new year

Start of an exciting new year

First of all, we wish all business friends and visitors to our news blog a creative New Year. As alarming as the causes of the turbulence on the energy market are, they have at least set an immense thought process in motion, which focuses on the diverse possibilities...

Stirling module G70: pleasing development in performance

Stirling module G70: pleasing development in performance

After more than 1000 maintenance-free hours of operation on our test bench, we are observing amazing behavior in terms of performance and efficiency. At the beginning of the test phase, the small power pack delivered a charging capacity of 40 amperes at a voltage of...



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