Start of sales of the 1000 watt Stirling module

May 23, 2023

Punctually from the middle of the year we will be launching a product that is unique in the world. It is a Stirling alternator capable of charging 24 volt battery packs at up to 40 amps. Under the name “Experimental Edition” we developed a modular system, the basic equipment of which consists of the proven 70 ccm Stirling engine with an integrated generator and a display starter rectifier module. Further expansion variants offer a high degree of flexibility, for example the equipment with a cooling unit and different interfaces for heat transfer.

Highest quality after decades of research

The Stirling generator with the type designation G70 is the result of more than 20 years of research. It is the alphagamma® type that we have released for the market after many thousands of hours of operation on our test benches. Maintenance-free continuous operation without complex oil lubrication is just one of several remarkable properties. The quiet operating noise and the outstanding efficiency for this performance class underline the uniqueness of this innovation. In addition, the extensive freedom in the choice of heat source also offers the possibility of using regenerative fuels. Since the combustion takes place under atmospheric conditions, exhaust gas values can be achieved which, in a positive sense, differ greatly from those of internal combustion engines.

Engine, chiller and heat pump combined in one unit

We developed the Experimental Edition product series to support knowledge building in Stirling engine technology and its energy-related application. We want to provide research-based companies as well as schools and universities with a highly available small unit that allows numerous experiments and further developments. Starting with the simple structure of the basic equipment, the interaction of the parameters heater temperature, process pressure, cooling water temperature, generator output and efficiency can be experimentally determined and analyzed. We deliberately chose a mature machine that can continuously deliver more than 1 kilowatt. This should create an incentive to develop functional supplements, such as supplying concentrated heat in a controlled manner. This creates the basis for a powerful micro CHP.

The picture shows the exemplary embodiment of the basic equipment. The heater head of the machine can be arranged vertically – as shown in the picture – or horizontally. Depending on the type of heat supply, the fin structure can be selected with either axial or radial fins. The display starter rectifier module allows a clear display of the generator current, the cooling water and heater temperatures, the process pressure and the battery voltage. The unit can be started by pressing a button as soon as a 24 volt battery (preferably from the automotive sector) is connected and the heater temperature has exceeded a certain value. For demonstrations, the universal properties of the Stirling engine as a refrigerating machine and heat pump can also be presented.

Experimental learning process as a basis for new products

“We call on potential users, researchers and those responsible for education to outline their idea of an experimental application. The range of possible heat supply stretches from the biogas or biomass area to fluidized bed furnaces, transfer gas inserts to concentrated solar energy and thermal batteries. Heat supply through inductive heating, which we are currently developing, is particularly suitable for laboratory-based research on the thermodynamic process,” says Josef Frauscher, Managing Director of the company. “We put together the optimum configuration for the customer for the respective application and are of course available to provide advice and support”.