Start of an exciting new year

Jan 7, 2023

First of all, we wish all business friends and visitors to our news blog a creative New Year. As alarming as the causes of the turbulence on the energy market are, they have at least set an immense thought process in motion, which focuses on the diverse possibilities of energy saving and the use of regenerative energies. We support this trend by integrating our alphagamma® motors into heating systems that are fed by biogenic fuels or excess energy. We will report more about this in the coming months.

For the time being, however, we don’t want to withhold from you the report on the development of our MobilGen™ that was recently published in ATZheavy duty. The article makes it clear that Stirling engines also have their place in mobility, provided that consistent lightweight construction and performance-enhancing measures are implemented. While we are making good progress in adapting the unit to liquid fuels, the gas-powered variant is already available for demonstration at any time for interested trade visitors. Download report